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Window box plants

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I've been asked to put up 11 window boxes for my old neighbor, she doesn't want to keep buying bedding plants etc year after year so I'm after some advice on bulbs/perennials etc that don't grow too tall or spread too much and at the same time will be easy for her to maintain etc.. Any tips/advice and best places to shop for them greatly appreciated.. Bearing in mind I've got 11 to fill.. ?



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If you search the threads some asked the same or very similar question not too long ago. I suggested a book I have that gives 'recipes' for tubs of various shapes, styles and sizes for year round interest. It suggests how to change a few of the plants each season. I have done some of them myself and had some planted up for three years by following the instructions.


We use Loxley Plant Nursery.


The book is here on ebay:




I paid full price for mine many years ago. I gave most of my books away as I'm an experienced gardener but I won't part with this book, its worth its weight in gold.

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