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Keeping Boxfish/Cowfish help

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I've been looking into getting a saltwater tank, and I've fell in love with boxfish! But before I rush into buying any fish (I only want one boxfish I know they prefer to be alone), I want make sure I can care for it to the best abilities that I possibly could.. I have a few questions that I'm struggling to find answers to if anyone could help..


Would a 170 litre tank be big enough for a boxfish? I'd only want the boxfish, 2 clownfish and a goby. I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Oh and possibly clean up crew dependent on if the boxfish would eat it etc.


Do you have any hints or comments on the idea of keeping a boxfish? I'm open to negatives because I wouldn't want to get a fish that ends up unhappy!




Also as I'd want a small cowfish, I think it'd be a thornback I'd need?

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