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Shattered Mirror conspiracy.

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' Hello ' the lady said ' can I help you' ? I replied ' I've found your phone number ' the lady went quite then said ' meet me at midnight at Castle Square underpass ' then she hung up. I looked at my watch it was 11.30pm should I go or not I thought ?


I decided to go. I looked though the file the notes were dates and times also places around Yorkshire the photos showing what looked soldiers been manhandled by civilians with guns clearly it was a rebel cell . Hang on I thought all soldiers were returned after the war so what's this meeting going to be about?I Iooked at my watch it was 11.37 I better make my way their I put on my coat and locked my door and headed out to the streets. It was an cold night a slight fog hung in the air the streets were in darkness due to power cuts no one was around many of the buildings were damaged with shell holes. Then before me is a staircase that goes underground I go slowly down them then noticed a dark shadow and voice said ' spare change please' it's an man in ragged clothing with a long bread I move pass him . During the war the government put in a blocked aid everything was cut in an effect to shorten the war. Then I noticed a lady sat near a fishtank holding a bag she is looking round clearly on edge then I approached her she looks straight at me she looks early 40s blonde hair slim build . ' Are you the lady I spoke to earlier' ? She stares hard at me ' Yes I've got something for you ' she opens her bag and quickly hands me a large file I look down then I look up she gone.


I arrive back at my hotel and went straight back to my room I placed the file onto the bed I sat on the edge of bed thinking what could be inside the file? I opened it ,photos of men standing behind a fence the notes this time were typed and dated 2019 last year I thought. Then I noticed something in capital letters ' FOR THE EYES ONLY COUNCIL OF MINISTERS then it said that soldiers were still been held in an remote part of Yorkshire to be used for negotiations with UK government to force it's hand to get payments from London. I sat shocked what else is going on?


I woke up next morning my head still trying to get around on what I read I decided to ring the lady up again. I dailed the number a lady's voice then said ' number not in use' I hung up. I've got an meeting today with the Council of Ministers I will ask them . Then I get a knock on my door I opened it a large guy in a black suit stood before me ' I've come to take you to the Council of Ministers ' meeting. Then I followed the guy down the stairs then he said ' the Police have found a lady's body near the Wicker Viaduct you know anything about it sir'? I replied ' no he looked at me with a hard look.


We arrived at the Town Hall the building is draped with banners proclaiming the glorious victory the new Republic of Yorkshire's flag flying high on the clock tower the building has a bomb damaged facade. We soon arrive at outside a room the man leaves me alone and walks away I could hear his heavy footsteps fading away. Then a lady appears very thin looks about 60 the Council is ready to see you now she opens the door the room is dark in the gloom I can see five men sat along a table wearing black suits with stern faces then one speaks .


Next chapter : Turth and Justice.

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