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Prime Minister David Cameron today announced that the UK is to go to the polls on 23rd June 2016 to decided if the nation wants to remain a member of EU the vote will be ' in ' or ' out ' vote.


No one knew then the vote would lead to Yorkshire breaking away from the rest of the UK all of Yorkshire voted out of the EU but rest of the nation voted to remain. This lead to riots in Yorkshire the government then sends in troops to restore order but street fighting proved too much and the troops were pushed back the rebels had firearms supplied by nations who supported Yorkshire's stand against the EU . Has a result of this heavy action by London Yorkshire declared independence on 17th May 2018 Cameron sent in troops to crush the rebellion but again the fighting by rebel cells proves too much a uneasy peace between Sheffield and London is agreed.


The car stops outside the gates that forms the border of Republic of Yorkshire and United Kingdom I've been sent by London to negotiate a permanent peace between both sides . I know it will not be easy theirs much distrust from both sides Yorkshire is now ruled by a ' Council of Ministers' they hold total power made up from rebels who have fought soldiers in war that has lasted nearly two years both sides are bitter.


The gates open a man in a ragged clothing looks into the car ' let them though' the car moves forward passing bomb damaged buildings that look like flats an old lady with a shopping trolley stops and watches the car go by it's clear all is not well. We arrive outside an run down hotel above the door is ' Grand Hotel' sign some of the windows are missing Sheffield was made capital has York was heavy damaged in the war. Opposite is the Town Hall a flag is fluttering away the building houses the Council of Ministers. I make my way up the grand staircase to my room it is small but has Internet access Yorkshire has its own ' Yorknet' and Sheffield has its own forum it is required by law to be a member. However members are monitored only positive and pro Yorkshire posts are allowed someone posted about cycling around the city and how bad it was their posts disappeared and member is believed to have been taken away for questioning by the Police for crimes against the state. I look out of my hotel window the street is full of people going about their business their are banners draped on buildings. The banners say things like ' Down with the EU' or ' The only way is the Yorkshire way' tomorrow I will meet the Council of Ministers who will make it hard to make a deal.


Then I notice that under my bed is a file with an hand written phone number on it I pull it out then I notice to the side more writing ' please ring me' I looked for a while I opened the file their is handwritten notes and a couple of photos showing a group of people been put into lorries . My room has a telephone I decided to ring the number I dialled the number the phone rings then a lady answers .


To be continued.

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