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Anyone a mechanic on here? Advice only (no jobs/quotes etc)

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We had timing belt changed by a mobile mechanic who took the car away to do job early this year , he brought it back 2 hrs later saying job done .

Just last week the vehicle was booked into a local garage for a cylinder head job , the timing belt was found to be cracked, worn and loose , the verdict was that the belt was ready to fail any time . beware of these mobile mechanics  if they insist on taking car away to do job seems to be the lesson learned here .

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On 12/12/2019 at 20:24, geared said:


Nope, even on a older car that was not fuel starvation.

If the exhaust stinks of fuel it's simply not burning it, indicating an ignition problem not fuel delivery.


Change the spark plugs, coil pack(s) and ignition leads (if it has them)

I removed the plugs and the centers are a smooth black indicating that the fault is giving a rich mixture. I've ran the coils and the flash from all 3 plugs lights the garage up. Would this indicate the coils are ok? The engine now fires but stops after 2-3 secs.

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