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Homeless is grim reality

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Tha’s nobody,

Tha’s on thee own,

Since being kicked out,

A full beard tha’s grown,

Clothes consists of old jeans,

Jumper and jacket,

An old pair of boots,

That didn’t cost a packet,

You have one pair of socks,

And pants to tha name,

A blanket that tha wraps around,

Tha skinny frame,

Sit in doorway on an old cushion you found,

The only thing that’s keeping,

Your backside from the ground,

Tha’s got a new name now,

It’s called a beggar on’t street,

Asking for spare change,

So tha can buy thee sen sumat to eat,

Long gone those days,

When you owned thee own home,

Went on holidays to cities,

Like Barcelona and Rome,

You were respected,

With wife, and job in the city,

Lost the lot in months,

Since life has shown you no pity,

First to go was job,

Followed by the wife?

The house was repossessed,

Brought the next change in life,

Mounting debts saw everything,

Taken from under your feet,

Finally, all was left,

Was a life on the street?

The subway on a night,

Provides shelter to kip,

From a chipped old mug,

A hot drink you sip,

Occasionally might get tha head down,

In hostel for a treat,

A bed and a shower,

Sumat warm to eat,

Once a week,

The facility can be used for free,

Tother six nights,

Homeless is a grim reality.

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