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The Door Knocker Man

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The Door Knocker Man


Old Daniel Brown,

It was his job,

To wake up the entire Town,

His Profession,

Was the Door Knocker Man?

Industry and Businesses

Relied on Knocker Dan,

Way back then in 1772,

Every man had a job to do,

But only Dan could afford a clock,

It was he that gave you that morning knock,

Earliest call would be 3.15,

Ernest the baker had to be seen to be keen,

At 4.30am Mary Pugh needed her call,

She had to set up her Market stall,

One by One Dan would knock on their door,

He had customers fifty or more,

Some would pay in coin,

More often in goods,

Terms of the contract,

Always understood,

Way back then every town,

Had a Door Knocker Man,

Like Daniel Brown.



On breakfast news they spoke about

The reliance a town or village had on the Door Knocker man many years ago.

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