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Some parts on motherboard need to be soldered on!

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Hello guys, I need help:


I'm quite techy guy, have repaired a lot of computers but now stumbled on something I cant fix. I wanted to replace my own laptops motherboard as it had failed GPU, ordered brand new motherboard from manufacturer. Now I found out it needs battery port and m-sata ports soldered on (new or moved from old motherboard.


Can anyone in sheffield do that?

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Are you sure it's the correct board? - and working?


Usually when you buy a laptop motherboard, it comes with all fittings and connectors already on the board, just no CPU/RAM or heatsink/fan... but all the M.2, mSATA, USB/Audio ports are usually there...


SATA ports are a pain in the ***, and the battery connectors are often double-sided (on the board) so can never replace them... (mSATA usually connects via mini PCI-e, if you don't have that, then tough.... basically)


I would contact where you purchased from and return it as incomplete imho...


Unless, it's the same board, same range, but a couple of models down, that didn't have SATA

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