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Packet Loss - Intake Sheffield

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Just wondering if there is anyone here on the intake exchange (cabinet 71 to be precise) having any packet loss/speed issues (origin BB)?


These are my TBB graphs 15th to today, they look to me to be congestion related (packet loss in the day and evening, clearish in the early hours & it doesn't matter if I am using the connection or not) but Origin assure me that the links I am running over have no capacity issues.







Generally speaking I get around 20Mb (+/- 10Mb) of my 80Mb, with the odd time where it seems to work fine (as always, I finally got someone useful on the phone and got 60Mb...).


Sync is ok, 73Mb, although this has gone down in the last few weeks from the full 80Mb


Turns out this has been going on for some time, but cos i have two connections load balanced I hadn't really noticed - looking back it is better than it used to be, this was typical a couple of weeks ago:


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