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Joe Brookes any information

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Has anyone got any information about Joe Brookes? Joe was a Ladle-man at Edgar Allens from the sixties to the seventies.

In the melting shop he was always impeccably dressed with his white neck towel and black boots. His nickname in the shop, everyone had one,was 'Braces', because of his slight build and if he held his arm aloft he resembled a pair of braces.He was in the darts team at The Commercial in Tinsley and at one time was the Yorkshire Darts Champion.

I knew him from the Melting Shop and the Commercial and he was a most amusing character with his own form of rhyming slang.

We went on numerous fishing trips together, mostly to Linconlshire, the fishing was secondary to having a Pub crawl.

The last I heard of him he was living in one of the tower blocks at Norfolk Park and I think he may have frequented the Captive Queen and the Horse and Lion.

Two years ago my sisters' husband and I spent a day trying to track him down on information we had that he was engaged in a bit of part-time gardening in the Handsworth area.

Joe would be in his early seventies now.

Can any one help?

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You can find Joe on Facebook , he lives in Tewksbury these days .:thumbsup:

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