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Sheffield comedy festival 2016 my recommendations

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As someone who watches stand-up comedy every week and uses all my holidays to visit the Edinburgh festival each year, I thought I would pass on my views on who I recommend to see at this years Sheffield comedy festival.




Vince Atta – Loopzilla. Thursday 6th 8.00pm, Lescar

One of the shows I was recommended to see at the Edinburgh festival, I’m glad I went, proving that comedy can work using things that you wouldn’t expect. Using ‘Looping’ & ‘Beatboxing’ this is an hour of high energy fun that you’ll be glad you saw, guaranteed to have you singing “sharrowvale” to yourself all night.


JoJo Smith – I was Mick Jones bank clerk. Friday 7th 9.30pm, Lescar

A seasoned performer on the comedy circuit, I was surprised to hear that this was her first ever Edinburgh show. An hour of autobiographical comedy with a load of twists & turns and plenty of laughs as JoJo runs through her story. One of the first dates in my diary for next years Edinburgh festival.


Mike Newall – High on Gravy, Sunday 9th 8.00pm, Lescar

A favourite of mine on the comedy scene for over 10 years, this cheeky Stockport lad will keep you entertained from start to finish with his wit and charm.


Justin Moorhouse, Thursday 13th 8.00pm Memorial Hall

A rare outing in Sheffield for the star of ‘Live at the Apollo’ & ‘The News Quiz’. Justin is guaranteed to deliver a set full of belly laughs and leave you wondering why you’ve never been to see him perform live before.


Kiri Pritchard McClean, Friday 14th 9.30pm, Lescar

Chortle award nominated Kiri brings her debut show to the festival. One of the best up and coming acts on the circuit, now is the time to see this lady as she entertains you with an hour that is as funny as it is clever.


Silky – Indoor fireworks, Saturday 15th 9.30pm, Lescar

Last years show was a 4 star success, but this show takes it to the next level and warrants the full 5 stars. I’ve never seen a bad show from this lovable scouse comedian.


Martin Mor - #Roadcomedian, Sunday 16th 9.00pm Lescar

Probably the hardest working comedian on the circuit doing an average of 4 shows a day throughout the Edinburgh festival, why not though, when everyone wants to book this funny Irishman. Sunday shows are always difficult for me to get to, but I’ll do all it takes to ensure I don’t miss this.


Keith Carter & other Ne’er-do-wells, Friday 21st 9.30pm Lescar

I can’t put into words how much I love seeing this guy. The creator of ‘Nige’ amongst other characters, his effortless ability to hold character when everyone else is falling about laughing is worth the entrance fee alone. Can’t wait for this one.


The Kagools, Saturday 22nd 4.30pm Lescar

Well, Lets start with this “This was my favourite show in Edinburgh”. Although it’s billed as a kids show it’s anything but. If you don’t have any kids, borrow some! They will thank-you after and you will enjoy it more than them, or just go without them it’s still the best fun. I would tell you a bit about the show, but I don’t want to spoil it. Just go... Seriously GO.


Ross Noble, Saturday 22nd 8.00pm Oval Hall

I’m not normally a fan of big venues for comedy, but it’s Ross init’! One of the very few who can make the Oval Hall seem like an intimate venue. He has a start and an end to the show, but where his randomness and quick wit will take him on the journey, not even he knows.


Panelbeaters, Sunday 23rd 8.00pm Lescar

A twisted take on the panel show format for the warped minds of Gary Delaney and Caimh McDonnell.

I first saw this on its second ever outing as a show and I knew it was going to be a hit. It’s random, stupid, crazy and downright hilarious. Don’t expect a scripted show, even they don’t know what’s going to happen next.


Peter Brush – Dreams with advert breaks, Thursday 27th 9.30pm Lescar

The only show that I’m going to recommend before seeing it, he was on before I was getting up in Edinburgh. Based on my view of last years show and the numerous times I have seen this lads deadpan comedy shows, it’s going to be a blast. See you there.


Rob Rouse – Are you sitting comfortably, Saturday 29th 8.00pm Lescar

I have been fortunate enough to have seen Robs’ previews of his touring shows for the last few years and have always enjoyed watching them grow, this years show was polished at the first preview. Can’t think of a better act to close this years festival.


New act night, Sunday 16th, 23rd and 30th 8.00pm Royal Standard

3 or more of the newer acts on the comedy scene showcasing their talent to the Sheffield public. Each act performs a set of around 20 minutes and each show will be headlined by an undisclosed comedian.

Whoever you watch on the TV, from Ross Noble to Chris Ramsey etc. They all started on these type of bills, come along and see if you can spot the star of the future.




Look out for the guy with the purple Mohawk at the shows and say Hi. (That’s me)



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Gutted I missed Martin tonight. Thought it started at half 9.

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