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Missing in Sheffield ,1994 Part Two.

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The door opened a lady stood their looked early 60s cigarette hanging low in her mouth with a blue bath robe on. ' yeah' in gravely voice ' I'm looking for Lisa Hill I need to talk to her ' the women looked ' what has she done now ' ? I replied ' nothing just need to talk to her that's all' the women looked unmoved a sort of unbelieving stare. I ask ' are you her mother' the women laughed ' no luv she let's the spare room off me ' I asked ' were can I find her ' the women smiled ' more than likely in the Cannon on Castle Street she lives in their' I thanked the women heard the door close behide me.


I crossed the road to the bus stop it started to rain which reflected my mood would Lisa been their today would she give me the answers? an bus pulled in and made its way though the council estates seeing people washing down their cars children playing in the streets without a care in the world. The bus pulled in outside of Castle Market I got off could hear traders shouting their offers of the day I soon spotted the ' Cannon' so made my way their .The bar was thick with smoke I could feel eyes watching as I looked round I could see items on tables money changing hands , then I noticed a young women thin build with black hair tired up sat near the back with a older man they were deep in conversation . She looked up and saw me she quickly put down her glass down said something to man and got up in fast nearly knocking over the table. Lisa went past me before I got a chance to speak to her I followed her outside I shouted to her to stop she started to run so I ran after her catching her up ' we need to talk' Lisa answered ' Iv got nothing to say to you go away' typical of her I thought ' I want the truth Lisa was it my child ' ? She looked down on the floor time seemed to stop Lisa looked up ' yes its a girl named her Linda ' I looked at her ' were is she now ?' Lisa started to cry putting her hands on her face wiping away the tears ' she' s in care ' I looked at Lisa with shock in my eyes ' care , why?' Lisa went quite ' I want the turth' I said ' money got short I went on the game I had to do something you were gone but the social find out they took Linda off me' amazed I was in shock how could she do this ? Lisa started to walk away from me I followed her she started to run again I could her crying then she ran onto the road in front of an car ' bang' followed by a scream I saw her body roll onto the boot of the car, the car stopped the driver got out the man was in deep shock crowds of people stood watching I got down onto the road but Lisa was dead I shouted at someone to get help heard a few siren's making their way but I knew it was too late.


I sat in the Police Station in shock an officer gave me a cup of tea I sat thinking my thoughts were jumbled up . An officer shouted at me to go into the interview room he ask what my relationship was to Lisa , why was I in Sheffield and what happen all the time my head was spinning with my own questions . ' I think that will do for now you can leave ' I got up and made my way out of the station . I went back to my hotel it seemed to take forever to get their got to my room unlocked the door and sat down on the bed . what do I do now ?


Final chapter : The search .

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