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Introduction with a short poem.

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Hi everyone!!


I've recently moved to Sheffield from Shropshire and I'm looking to meet some like minded people, maybe who shares an interest in creative writing. I'd love to know if there is any writing groups I could join to meet other people similar to me.


Along with my introduction I'm going to share a short poem I wrote called Cold black slate.


I am surrounded by cold black slate,

But in my centre is a warmth...

Starts small, and it slowly develops to create a tiny ember

Which breads into a gentle flame.

Generating enough heat to warm my stones,

And as each achieves sufficient heat my soul fills with joy.

Fills with happiness, light and love.

Isn't this what we're all looking for?

I hope the weather stays placid.

Keeping this ignited gem burning for an eternity.

The tide changes...

Engulfing the energy with a drowning gulp.

The water recedes...


I'm surrounded by cold black slate.



Please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes as I am dyslexic. Though any feedback will be greatly received.

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