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C4 TV Series 'Hunted'

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Im just watching the latest episode and Im a bit puzzled by something.


The guy Madu has just boarded a train. He noticed a CCTV camera so bent down behind a few more passengers so it wouldnt pick him up. But what about the person filming him for the show? Surely even if the CCTV didnt spot Madu, it wouldve picked up the cameraman?


The whole thing is somewhat constructed. They mention that they replicate the powers of the state, such as CCTV or automatic number plate recognition.


The people being hunted have a camera person with them as you said, and the makers of the program obviously know where the camera person is, and so therefore know the whereabouts of the people being hunted.


To give an example of how the show is 'constructed', in one episode one of the people wrote a letter to one of their friends with a code in so they could arrange a place to meet.


The makers of the show would not have permission to intercept the mail in reality, and so this would be one of the techniques they have to replicate.

The camera person with the hunted person knew they were writing a letter (indeed it was filmed) and so that information would have been given to the hunters. They then had all the information from the letter and so could catch her.


Whilst this is a state power that they are replicating, it does give the hunters a big advantage. In reality, it would be very unlikely that they would have been intercepting the mail of every one of the hunted persons associates.

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I know its all constructed, but its been quite cleverly hidden so far. Tonight with the cameraman (who was actually shown when they caught Madu) was just so blatantly obvious that its actually spoilt the show for me now :(

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If the hunters are being paid by Channel4 are they still in other jobs?  If so, how can they do both?

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