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Is Disneyland all its cracked up to be?

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We had two weeks in Florida in August, our second visit, enjoyed it more this time than the first time!


It doesn't have to be tiring, you plan your days so you have a busy day then a rest day, follow a late night with a late start day. Book your fast passes as soon as your window opens, any rides you can't get fast passes for get to the park for opening time and do that ride first before the queue builds up.


We picked our car up straight from the airport, no problem with jet lag flying out, return is worse!


Only thing I'd do different is I wouldn't go in August again, 40 deg C everyday! Last we went in March/ April and it was much more comfortable.


Dieney has now reached the max crowd levels for the parks, so now they want as much cash out of each guest as possible! It's expensive, but worth it in my opinion.

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