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Music Production courses in Sheffield or South Yorkshire?

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I'm wanting to learn how to produce music using Ableton but cannot find anywhere in Sheffield that teaches it. I've searched all over the Internet and all I can find is Red Tape but they are a loose end as I rang them and they said they have to wait for funding or something.


I don't want to learn online, would rather pay more money and be taught face to face.


The nearest places I can find are Manchester Midi school in Salford, and We Are Cross Fader in Leeds. These places look great and have exactly what I'm looking for but ideally wanted somewhere nearer.


I can't believe a big city like Sheffield doesn't have this kind of course / school on offer by someone.

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I personally think you have a much richer creative options picking up DAW etc by teaching yourself, but I understand not everyone is an autodidact, and some folks have a career path where they want bits of paper to show.


There are a lot of small studios in Sheffield and pro/semi-pro producers, it'd be worth your while asking around for someone who's primary creative (not necessarily by itself) tool is Ableton and try and negotiate a price for 1-to-1 tuition that reflects what you were prepared to pay for formal tuition. It's also be worth asking each one how they learned to use it - I'd be surprised if you found many who'd 'gone to school'.

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