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"Healthy" vets in Sheffield?

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My own veterinary practice is now giving some of the core vaccines (Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Distemper) three yearly. They are giving two doses of Leptospirosis four weeks apart (second one free), then it is once a year. Leptospirosis is a potentially fatal disease that is carried by rats. My understanding is that it needs to be given yearly because it changes (just like influenza in humans).


Some people advocate having no vaccines at all or just the puppy ones. We have ample evidence that vaccination does contribute to the prevention and spread of disease; if increasing numbers of pet owners do the same thing, the outcome will be that herd immunity will be lost/reduced.


If people choose not to vaccinate their dogs then as responsible pet owners they should consider seeing the vet to discuss having a titre (blood) test done. This will establish if the dog has immunity to these diseases. If people do not want to do this or cannot afford it then they should at least have the Parvovirus vaccine every three years to protect their own, and other dogs. This disease can contaminate soil for some years and often kills affected dogs. It is also worth remembering that the core vaccines can be given separately if the owner asks for it.


@Jackie2141: The vaccinations that are normally given by the vet are the core ones (see above), not Bordatella Pertussis (kennel cough) so unless your dog was given the vaccine for this, he would not have been protected. You would know if your dog had been given it because the solution is squirted up the nose of the dog, not injected. Kennel cough is hard to prevent because it mutates (changes form), just like the common cold. Some rescue organisations are now no longer vaccinating for kennel cough for this reason.

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