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Halving the Disability Employment Gap

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Hi Folks

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Disability has launched an inquiry into Halving the Disability Employment Gap


The All Party Parliamentary Group for Disability invites written submissions to inform its inquiry into how the Government can fulfill its pledge to halve the disability employment gap.


We would therefore like to ask disabled people to share their feelings and any personal stories of bearing the effects of unemployment or trying to stay in work. Please feel free to share them with us and are happy to use them as examples in our response.


If you want to take part please complete our short survey here:





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I went to RNIB college Hereford and while there gained a diploma in fitness and won a award for outstanding contribution to sport as well as glowing references its now been over a year and still no luck getting at job.

I fully believe employers just don't want people with disabilities working for them.

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Dear Allan


Many hundreds of thousands of disabled people will share your deep concerns.


The gap between disabled people’s employment rate and the rest of the population has remained largely static for over a decade – now standing at some 30 per cent.


There is obviously something very wrong with the way disabled people are treated within the job market.


Locally we work with statutory agencies to influence better treatment of disabled people in the work place and try to influence local strategies to reduce disabled people's barriers to employment and full participation in society.


Please keep a look out on our website for any developments locally.


And good luck with the job hunt.



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