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De La Salle College

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Pipsmum, is your uncle the James Linton  who went to St Catherine's primary school? If so I remember him very well!!!

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On 09/09/2020 at 20:30, Veritas said:

Thanks I have found myself on the 1972  section D 



Quite liked Brother Pete , used to drive a Sports car if rumours were true he left the cloth and drove into the sunset with a blond.   He was replaced by Mr Lalley 

I'm also on section D 1972- on the back row, next to the tallest lad there with glasses - I'm on his right looking at the picture, with the pudding basin haircut! I was in the Lower 6th at the time. What class were you in in 1972 Veritas?

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On 18/02/2016 at 15:09, Norrie said:

Hello ValleyHill,

Spotted the De La Salle posts. I was never a DLS scholar but was friendly with one whose always stayed in my mind.

In 1949 -50, we had a local football team which played in Concord Park, Shiregreen. Our goal keeper was a De La Salle scholar of unusual ability; his agility and strength was exceptional. He was more hirsuit than the rest of us and of stocky strong build. He was Peter Sievewright - his deep thick eyebrows actually met in the middle. A lively likeable lad who was never down-hearted. His goal keeping was spectacular and never afraid to get down among the boots.


We nicknamed him Tiger, after Alexei 'Tiger' Khomich, the acrobatic Moscow Dynamo goalie who toured with the Russian club in the 40's and 50's.


I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that Peter joined the Royal Navy. Someone must remember him somewhere, he was a lively unforgettable character. In one match in Longley Park, I was left back (whatever happened to them) and was defending the goal line because Peter had gone out to halt an attack.


As I was heading a shot at goal off the goal -line, Peter re-appeared and performed a diving punch which hit me in the side of the head instead of the ball. He was generous in his sympathy but couldn't resist stifled laughter as I was being doused with the magic sponge to restore my concsiousness. I actually apologised to him for getting in his way. He then winded me by giving me a friendly but hearty slap in the back as a thank you. I never shook hands with him in consideration of my fingers. A very likable young man so long as one kept him at arms length, his expressions of friendliness could be quite debilitating. I liked him a lot. He lived on or near Bellhouse Road Shiregreen just above St James and St Christophers .

Peter Sievewright is/was my father, he did join the Royal Navy, and the spent time in the merchant navy.

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Anybody remember 'Captain ' Wall a PE teacher with an emphasis on appearance and hygiene. to the extent that he would slipper you for having slightly off-white pumps and would personally inspect that we were not wearing underwear so as not to get the pants sweaty during exercise?


And the VW Beetle club. Mr. Palfreyman, Mr. Grant (who used to give me lifts to school) and others.....



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The members of staff who I can remember (I was there from 1970 to 1977, the last academic year that went all the way through DLS).

Apologies for anyone where I have the wrong first name or spelling !!

Starting with the people that taught me in my first year (1N)
Hugh Finnegan (Music & English)
Peter Auchterlounie (Maths)
Ted Varney (Art)
Sean Crean (sp?) (Biology)
Brother Anthony (Physics)
Brother Peter (French)
Jean Skidmore (Geography)
Chris Grant (Chemistry)
Captain Wall (PE)
Brother Maximus (History?)

In later years, including some that never taught me directly:
Steve Hutchinson (Maths)
? Valardi (Biology)
Sam Cleary (English)
Fr Hough (History ?)
Pete Lawrence (Biology?)
Tom Boulding (English)
Ralph Althorpe (English)
Mrs Althorpe (wife of Ralph, not sure what she taught)
? Chapman (French)
? Greenwell (Art)  {I'm not sure if it was Greenwell, but it was Green<something>)
Jack Justice (Geography)
Brother Vincent (Biology & RE)
Jon Covico (History)
Keith Palfreman (Physics)
Geoff Burdett (Maths)
Charlie Alderton (Maths)
Paddy Hopkins (Chemistry)
Paul Lally (French)
There was another Mr Grant, but I can't remember what he taught.
Brother Wilfred
Brother Cerenus
Brother Gerald
Winnie Eakins (French)
Flash Clarke (Physics)
Jock Mitchell (Craft)

Some I can remember by nickname or subject, but I forget the precise details:
Boris (Maths?)
The guy who taught Economics
My A-level Physics teacher (no doubt I'll recall his name once I post this message)

Please feel free to expand (or correct) this list.

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The Physics teacher was Paul Doherty, and "Boris's" name was Mr Hall.
I think the correct spelling of the Biology teachers name is Sean Crehan.

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