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Bearded Dragon needs loving home

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Reason for Rehome / Sale Dogs don't like it

Time Scale – How Urgent? When suitable new home found

Sale Amount free

Location S2

Age & Sex 16 months old & male.

Breed/ Mix. Reptile.

Approximate size now and full grown size. 9 - 10 inches

Viv included

Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues. None.

Temperament/Any handling issues. Hit and miss

Beginners reptile, moderate or experienced only. Beginners.

Easy to feed. Yes.

Live/dead food. Live food.

herbivore/omnivore/carnivore/insectivore. - omnivore

Good or Bad with Children. Good.

Dislike of Men or Women. No.

Destructive Behaviour. N/A


General information that you can share



Chronicles and his viv are looking for a new home, he doesn't get much chance to come out due to both dogs not liking him. He has been handled by many people in the family but has bitten 2 of the same people on different occasions, not sure if this is due to the dogs being around at the same time. He was bought last January for my nieces birthday but she is too frightened to hold him since he snapped at her. I am advertising him on behalf of my brother so please PM me if you need further info. He doesn't want anything for him or his belongings and can be collected any time from S2 lower East Bank Road area.


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Try posting on Bearded Dragons UK page on Facebook, they might be able to put you in touch with someone who would rehome him x

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