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Buying advice on 2 man tent

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Hi all

Me and the wife are off to Sweden in June camping at a festival and need to buy a Tent, sleeping bags, foldable chairs(that will fold down to something small that will fit in the rucksacks but good enough to sit on) We are backpacking and flying so we are looking for kit that is light weight, easy to pitch and pack. We will be using it for a week around 2-3 times a year. We have both camped before but a long time ago so things have changed a lot since then.

All suggestions welcome.



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I've just bought a new 2 man tent from Decathlon, one of their 'Fresh and black' range, idea being that it reflects heat so it doesn't get as stiflingly hot and is also a lot darker inside, so you don't get woken up by the light. Have to say, it does what it says on the tin, so long as I've got my anti dawn-chorus earplugs I can get an ok lie in. Worth considering, they've a few different tents that feature it.


I've also got their 2 man backpacking tent, the Forclaz II, it's a nice little tent.

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