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Understanding the universe.

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I think it's more that they dont actually understand what hes rambling on about half the time so cant even begin to start figuring it out.

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Electromagnetic Waves demonstration by Sir Lawrence Bragg


For anyone interested in EM waves this video is well worth viewing.
Around 9 minutes into the presentation, demo of microwaves focused using an optical lens.












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You are probably correct.


You might find this Quantum Physics approach interesting.

The problem with current approaches is that after busting malignant cells-large quantities of cells get away, ready to start all over again.If that process could be controlled ,then  that would be a great leap forward in the search for a cure for cancer.


http://quantumconsciousness.org/sites/default/files/New Theory Origin of Cancer Quantum Coherent Entanglement.pdf

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On 27/01/2019 at 05:15, petemcewan said:



21st Century. One in two people will get cancer. What is going on ?






The greatest risk factor for cancer is old age. We are living longer, hence we are more likley to develop cancer...

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Also we're able to diagnose it far more accurately, so instead of people dying at 70 of "old age" they die of cancer.  No different, we just didn't understand what was killing them previously.

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Would like a telescope for viewing the galaxy, stars and closer planets. Up to £100, any qualified suggestions please?

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Increase your budget I'm afraid...

At that price I'd be looking for a good pair of 7x50 binoculars secondhand.

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On ‎04‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 09:35, petemcewan said:

The Chinese have landed a probe on the dark side of the moon.


Maybe they can find the remains of " Ivor The Moon".



From Catt's book on Electromagnetism. 

It looks  -to me- to be a pretty good description of a travelling wave . He says , his theories are proven experimentally.

Interacting TEM waves.

Generally, the interaction of two TEM waves is thought to be covered by Maxwell's Equations. However, I have shown (Ref.9) that this is not so. Maxwell's Equations contain only;

(1)   the velocity of propagation of the TEM wave empty.gifeq1401M.gifempty.gif  and

(2)   the impedance of the medium  empty.gifeq1402M.gifempty.gif .

They contain no additional information about electromagnetism in general, let alone information on the way two colliding TEM waves interact. Even more curiously, the empirical laws governing reflection at a resistively terminated transmission line seem to be a body of knowledge divorced from Maxwell's Equations.

Partial reflection in a transmission line.

Fig11- Trensmission line reflections

It is found experimentally that if a TEM wave travels down a uniform transmission line empty.gifeq1403M.gifempty.gif  (Fig.11) joined to a different transmission line empty.gifeq1404M.gifempty.gif  , some of the energy current reflects at the discontinuity and some continues (Ref.10). The voltage reflection coefficient is found to be

empty.gifeq1405M.gifempty.gif .

In particular, if a pulse V travelling down a empty.gifeq1406M.gifempty.gif  transmission line at the speed of light collides into a empty.gifeq1407M.gifempty.gif  termination made up of three empty.gifeq1408M.gifempty.gif  resistors in series, then a empty.gifeq1409M.gifempty.gif  pulse reflects and empty.gifeq1410M.gifempty.gif  dissipates across the termination; ( empty.gifeq1411M.gifempty.gif  in each empty.gifeq1412M.gifempty.gif  resistor).

The front end of a long empty.gifeq1413M.gifempty.gif  transmission line looks exactly like a empty.gifeq1414M.gifempty.gif  resistor. The situation remains the same in Figure 12;

fig12- Coax serial junction

three downstream coaxial cables connected in series, mimicking the three empty.gifeq1415M.gifempty.gif  resistors, and also (Fig.13) a parallel plate transmission line delivering the pulse into three such lines in series.

fig13- Parallel plate junction

Our next step is to widen the parallel plates to infinity, and this gives us our simplest situation for analysis (Fig.14). Having reached this stage, we can set out to gain the broader insights which our experimental knowledge of reflection in transmission lines gives us.

fig14- Pulse enters junction

(Consideration of conservation of energy and also that the voltage across the discontinuity must be continuous lead us to the same formula for the reflection coefficient.)




If Z2 < Z1 the reflection coefficient would be negative. Does that imply anything?

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