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Tenancy advice please

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hello, I need some advice on following renting scenarios please :)


1. Do I need to set up a new tenancy agreement if one person has left the property, but the others have continued the tenancy and a new person has replaced the tenant who left, or do I just set up a new agreement for the new person and keep the old one for the existing tenants (who are now on a period agreement) ?

2. If I wanted to give notice, what process do I need to use and how much notice would I need to give (there have been some breaches to the agreement, but would rather take a soft approach). Would the notice be given to all tenants, even the new one if they haven't signed an agreement ?

3. If I wanted to sell the house with vacant possession, would I follow same process as 2 ? How much notice would I need to give

4. If I wanted to sell the house, but new landlord is amenable to taking over the tenancy, what process do I need to follow and how much notice would I need to give ?


Confused.com :) :) :)

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1. Best not to create a new Agreement, as it would trigger need to reprotect deposit and restart the 'six month' rule under s.21 of the Housing Act 1988. Instead, ask your solicitor to prepare a Deed of Assignment from outgoing T + continuing Ts to incoming T + continuing Ts.

2. Then you'll know who are the tenants. It's they upon whomyou'd serve any Notice e.g. under s.8 or s.21.

3. Yes.

4. Your solicitor would ensure appropriate clauses in the Agreement for Sale, so that the contract makes the sale subject to the tenancy. There'd also be various post-completion steps so as to ensure compliance with various statutory requirements.

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