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Gumboll Promotions

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Just wondering if anybody has heard of worked for/worked with Gumball Promotions?


Reviews on Glassdoor are largely positive - but there aren't very many.



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I know someone who worked there briefly, they had her travelling up and down the country paying for her train fare out of her own money. All the work was commission based, mostly pestering people in supermarkets etc. They advertise a lot for jobs as not many people stay there for long from what I gather.

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I am familiar with Gumball Promotions. I had a call from one of their HR team, interviewing me over the phone, then telling me I've passed to the next stage to go in for an interview with one of the managers.


I obliged obviously - as I was informed that the role was involving my strong sales experience, assuming in an office-like environment. I couldn't have been far from wrong.


I went for the interview the same day (as I was away down south the following weekend) and was told not to worry about researching into Gumball Promotions, and that the interview would be all about getting to know me.


I passed the interview phase easily, and was told they would be in touch - right after they told me that they do advertising contracts for some large high street companies such as Apple and Vodafone.


After the weekend I was emailed informing me that they would like to invite me to a trial day at their Sheffield Park Square offices - to which again I obliged. I made my way to their offices on the day with all I was told to bring (a pen and a note pad).


Myself and another 11-13 people were all there at 08:45 waiting for the management to swagger in at 09:10. One by one we were called out to go and shadow someone for the day, some in groups and some paired up with existing staff members.


Myself and 2 other lads, and one other girl along with an employee met int he reception, and were told we were going out for the day. (No mention of this prior).


We started walking to what shortly after we found out to be the Midland Train Station whilst we were listening to the guy we were shadowing about how he got to where he is now, with him asking us about ourselves on an individual basis on the short walk to the train station.


We were then informed we'd be getting the train to Chesterfield!! I was getting a little bit more suspicious as the morning progressed thinking this isn't seeming like anything I was told about the job!


I didn't bring money for the train, just some money for my lunch and my good old pen and paper! The guy from Gumball Promotions asked if everyone had money for the train to Chesterfield ( I popped my arm in the air like at school and said that I didn't) the other three in the group did.


After collecting our tickets, we boarded the next train to Chesterfield, and that's when all became clear. We sat at a table seat for four persons, and the guy started telling us what Gumball Promotions do. They basically stop people in the high street and get them to sign up to donate to charities, Apple, Vodafone, Sky, whatever the campaign maybe. Of course we're all on the train now so we've got nowhere to go, so I though to myself, hear the guy out, after all, he's paid for my return ticket to Chesterfield!


He asked plenty of open questions to keep us distracted from thinking negatively, such as how many people out of 100 do you think you need to sign up to have a successful day? 10%?... 15%?... it's 10... so that means 90 no thank you's/f**k off's etc for only ten yes's to hit your target.


So we arrived in Chesterfield Town Centre, and saw some other staff setting up their stall, and watched them as they began to speak/pitch to the passing general public.


The guy told the four of us to get our pen and pads ready and to write this down;


Ten things you like about yourself

Ten things you'd change about yourself

Ten things you think it takes to become a manager

and another then things about something


And for us to go away separately (Gregs/McDonalds/Costa Coffee etc) and take an hour to think of the answers on our own.


I made a beeline straightaway for the McDonnalds 8ft away, grabbed a cup of tea, and had a moment of reflection whilst watching the Gumball Staff pitch to the general public.


I gave it around 40 minutes, called my girlfriend for a moan, finished my tea and went outside with a blank note pad. There was another girl from our group stood there waiting to talk to the guy (who was pitching to someone and appeared to be signing someone up) so we waited together and eventually broke the silence with "not exactly what I thought the role would be, what about you love?!" to which she laughed and agreed.


I jumped the que as soon as he was finished talking to his potential sale, and went straight over to the guy, shaked his hand and said "listen thank you for the opportunity, but this isn't really for me at all. If I'd have known that this is what the job was, I wouldn't have wasted your time or money, but good luck and all the best" and walked away back towards Chesterfield Train Station to get back home to Sheffield.


Anyway as I'm sure you can tell, it's not necessarily what it may seem to be, not for me in a long shot!

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