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Nightmare or comedy ? Boris and Trump, together..

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Most will now know that Trump is walking back most of the things he promised to change as a candidate. Because he knows that they cannot be done. But in the meantime he conned 50 million plus people to vote for him for those same changes !!


By the way he has lost the popular vote by 2 million plus votes !


He is now saying that he can settle the age old problem between the Jews and the Palestinians !

To be safe with Mr. Trump, don't believe anything he says, only his actions should be judged.

And as far as Mr. Johnson goes, same thing, lets see what he gets achieved.


For sure, both are in place to try to remove "Politics as usual." Lets see what their track record brings, but I for one have grave doubts. But by their mere national stage presence they may force many of the "Steady as she goes" politicians to re-think their priorities and spending habits

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On ‎24‎/‎02‎/‎2016 at 16:07, Justin Smith said:

As I watched Boris Johnson making his bid to be Prime minister (sorry, backing the campaign to leave the EU) I couldn`t help wondering what the odds are on Boris being PM and Donald Trump being US President at the same time.

You couldn`t make it up, the world`s gone mad. If Spitting Image were still going they`d go into overdrive and probably self destruct.

Is it a nightmare, or could it happen........

It looks like it is going to happen, I still think t`s a dream isn`t it ? Or is it a nightmare ?


Note the date of this thread, before Trump had been voted in and before the EU referendum......

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