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Speed bumps on wood land - still not any better!


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Right the speed bumps on Wood Lane again! Just gone over them less than the 20mph speed limit and snapped my spring! Why can't the council sort their mess out and sort the stupidly large speed bumps out and stop causing damage to people's cars! Can I put a claim in to cover the cost of the repairs? And before anybody starts asking if I speed etc. No I don't go over the speed limit and always take extra care over speed bumps especially over them ones as they are ridiculous anyway. I know there has been many complaints over them but still nothing has changed

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The spring has not failed due to the single impact of the speed bump but rather the general fatigue from thousands of impacts of all sorts since it was fitted. Years ago it wasn't a problem but in the last 10-15 years spring manufacturing and finishing has changed leading to regular failures due to corrosion and fatigue.

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The speed humps damage your car


What damage does your car do to the environment?


Your car causes more pain than a speed hump, just ask the people who got flooded in yorkshire/Lancashire over Christmas due to climate change.


If anything the humps need to be higher


Cars slowing down for speed bumps,then raising their speed cause MORE pollution than one doing a steady speed.


It used to be called global warming,if only.................

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