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Transferring data to 2nd pc via usb cable-possible?


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When my laptop failed. I just took out the hard drive from the defunct laptop and connected via a USB then copied the files to the new Laptop drive.


If it is a desktop then there is quite likely room in the box to add it as a second drive, or maybe just plug it in to copy the files.


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Like that, but I think I'd expect to find something a bit cheaper. Also I think that one is to suit laptop drives and I'd read OP's to be a desktop, and an old PC may have IDE drives rather than SATA.

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If you get a crossover Ethernet cable (around £2.00) you could link the 2 PC's and do it that way.


More info:




Most reasonably modern ethernet adapters will auto-configure using a normal ethernet cable, so its worth trying with a normal one first as routers usually come with one so it wouldn't involve buying anything extra.

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