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Laptop or tablet?

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Hope you guys can give me some useful advice and/or help regarding this.

Ok, my daughter currently has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which she uses to plays apps on, some free, some paid for, she also has a laptop which she uses to play games on, she also uses the laptop to play the apps on using Bluestacks.

Also needs to be running Windows and have a touch screen like the tablet and be able to use the keyboard when needed!

I'm looking to get her something in between that she can do both on, preferably with a detachable keyboard or one that folds back, but dont really know what i'm looking at!

I need it to play apps and also the game of the same probably without having to download Bluestacks for the apps.

Is there such a thing, that doesnt cost the earth?

Any help or info will be greatfully appreciated.



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Hi Bob, your description points towards the category of convertibles - tablets that come with a (detachable) keyboard.


As you want it to run Windows you are looking at a very small selection: The Microsoft Surface. Fortunately, the Surface 3 comes highly recommended and is an excellent piece of kit.


Unfortunately, if I understand your post correctly, you would still have to run Bluestacks on it. Bluestacks is an emulator (of sorts) that mimics one operating system inside another (in this case Android inside Windows). There isn't really a sensible way around that, although Asus did a tablet that ran both Windows and Android some time ago, it would be impractical and I think they ditched it.

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Have a look at this as its a Intel Z3736F Atom dual OS with Win8.1 and Android 4.4.




I know its a Chinese Tablet but it has good reviews and a 64GB model with magnetic keyboard and DHL shipping can be bought for around £136 from Aliexpress.




I have bought several tablets from them and have never had any problems but if there is a problem then you will have to pay for its return.

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Also remember the dual-OS tablets are very slow CPUs and a bit low on RAM and storage space for Windows.


I had the Asus T100 for almost 2 years and those restrictions were a constant frustration. Ended up switching to a Lenovo Yoga 500 and its a night/day difference.


The battery life and portability on the T100 is nice, but the tiny RAM and small/slow storage space is a huge compromise.

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