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Bradfield School reunion

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Myself and a fellow Sheffield Forum-er are thinking about organising a reunion for former pupils (who like us), went to the school in the mid/late 70's.


Some of the lads we remember are :- Tim Paisley, Neil Johnson, Russell Turner, Michael Glenn, Paul Finney, Mark Elsdon, Andrew Cooper, Michael Wall, Paul Browning, Kerry Walker, Andrew Hague, Kieran O'Brien, Mark Ledger, Paul Bembrick, Mark Rhodes, Philip Dyson, Nigel Raven, Johnathan Coulter, Mark Simpson, Craig Skelton, Craig Shipman, Richard Prior, Michael Bullivant, Chris Stubbs, Patrick Walker, John Beighton, John Harrison, Michael Giles, Robert Mason, Neil Hadfield, Paul Shaw, David Ross, Ian Watson, Steven Cook, Karl Rotchell.


And the lasses:- Gail Piper, Mandy Gray, Christine Miesczkak, Marie Holmes, Elaine Goddard, Anne Stenton, Karen Senior, Jill Froggatt, Caroline Parker, Prudence Cahill, Ruth Simms, Lisa Casson, Penny Loftus, Anne Benton, Caroline England, Tracey Sutton, Helen Parker, Juanita Porrill, Julie Dabbs, Jill Woodhead, Louise Harrop, Barbara Sellars.


So, if you know any of these people, are related to any of them, work with any of them, or even ARE any of them(!), then please let me know - either by adding a line to this thread or sending me a private message.

If we get enough interest, then there'll be a night of catching up to look forward to!



Andrew Booth.

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I seem to recognise some of these names.Mrs Gledhill was the headmistress when I was there

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