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Cineworld coat thefts 29th October

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I hope you have learnt a lesson to not leave your things unattended.



If you'd left you're League 1 season ticket unattended I reckon you'd be fairly safe in the knowledge it would still be where you left it.


Bladesmad culture, init.

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They would have them in the lobby though. A look through the footage would likely find the miscreants fleeing with the stolen coats.


Very true. I believe they do, the problem is the sheer amount of people within the 3 hour gap who walk through the foyer with coats in their hands. It would take a very keen eye. Also if they did identify them there is nothing they could do legally. I would advise due to the price of the coats is to file a police report. Then you have legal grounds to get the police to view the footage and they can make arrests. Sadly all companies have no responsibility over personal belongings whether its a cinema, cafe or even a store. This is the age we live in where companies are not required to have any input.


Again im disgusted in these people and fully support your reasons and anger. And please dont take what i say as i mean rant. As a manager of a cafe i see from both sides of the story. I hope something gets done and this sort of publicity helps you in some way. Like you said its not the coats themselves but the principal of the situation

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