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Dance classes for adult beginners

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Hi All


Can anyone recommend any places that do beginner dance classes for adults? I've been wanting to learn to dance for years now, never had the courage before, but think its about time I give it a go.

I'm interested in ballroom, and jazz/jive, and it would have to be in the evening as I work all day.



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Yes, I recommend one of the many Modern Jive venues around the city. Modern Jive is basically a fusion style which is easy to learn - by minimising the footwork that is characteristic of swing jive (kicks & flicks if you know your Strictly!) it developed into a style which was able to absorb moves from a lot of other dance styles. This means that you're not limited to one particular rythmn of music, you can dance to just about anything. Which is very useful if you go to a party or wedding, where almost anything might be played.


All MJ venues are very beginner-friendly and run to the same pattern on class evenings. The beginners' session starts at shortly after 7.30pm. Although it's a partner dance style you don't need to go with a partner because you move around both in the class and freestyle time. (The instructor moves you around in the lesson, most people like to change partners frequently in freestyle as it's a very social event.)


The beginner session will teach you three or four moves, then there's about half an hour's freestyle to practice what you've learned so far. Then an intermediate lesson, during which the beginners are taken into a side-room for the beginners' moves to be repeated with more individual attention from the 'crew'. After the second lesson it's more freestyle till the end - usually 10.30 since they are on weekday nights.


I recommend Blitz at Crookes Social Club on Mulehouse Road - every Wednesday and Thursday. (If you come on Thursdays at the moment, beginners pay for their first lesson and get a voucher for the next four free.) Blitz is the biggest local group and has monthly freestyles (first Friday of the month) as well. But the other MJ companies, wherever you go, teach the same style and you can fit in seamlessly once you've learned with one.

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