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Pellet stoves for Heating

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Hello Alan, 

I know that this is an old post now but could I ask you how you went on with your pellet stove? The reason being that we are wishing to replace our wood burning stove with an Artel pellet stove but are having trouble finding an installer - the sticking point is the flue system. 


If you did go ahead I would be interested to know what flue size(s) you installer fitted. No worries if you didn't though!

Kind regards, Steve.



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Last Winter we lived in a rented house in the mountains north of Malaga for 5 weeks. In the day time it was warm but as the night came ithe weather changed to cold.


There was a Pellet burning stove in the main lounge but had air conditioning heating in the bedrooms.


The pellet stove worked very well & heated the lounge OK.  There were two problems-one was the storage of the sacks of  pellets. At times we wished there was a large hopper above the stove to self feed the pellets  The sacks were stored in an outside building & we had to keep fetching them into the house. The house interior was very nice & we didn't want to be looking at sacks of pellets in the house. The other problem was the ash from the pellets had to be cleaned out of the stove & disposed of.  


We did stay in a place in new Zealand where the pellet stove was fed from a large hopper which was situated outside the house & self fed the stove by means of a small woven metal conveyor which started up as the room temperature dropped.


Just as a matter of interest the spanish pellets were made by a Spanish company who made the pellets from human waste which you wouldn't know unless you were told.


I hope you find these comments useful   


Happy Days!




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