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Who was the REAL killer in the Ipswitch murders?

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I came by a thought provoking article relating to the 2006 Ipswitch murders. The article puts doubt on the conviction of Steve Wright. Apparently Steve Wright`s DNA was on the victims because he had had sex with (4 of) them. He admitted having sex with them . He had no motive to kill them, but was still convicted.Was he a patsy? Was this yet another miscarriage of justice.


What is explained and described in the link below (about Tom Peters) makes interesting reading.



I actually find this quite interesting. The murders apparently took place in 2006, and yet this website ABOUT THE MURDERS was clearly made in 1991!


How did the designer know about the murders 15 YEARS BEFORE THEY HAPPENED?

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I don't know who killed the women in Suffolk. I've only been to Suffolk once— we lost to Ipswich in the FA Cup a few years ago—and I have no intimate knowledge of the red light areas of the county. But I digress ....


Portman Road is slap bang in the middle of the Ipswich red light district. :gag:


The area was cleaned up a lot following the murders. It just grates that it took the deaths of 6 women for that action to be taken.

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