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Windows 10,c/d not working


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Upgraded from windows 7 to 10,thought i would give the cd/dvd drive a go but nothing happens,it does not even show in device manager anywere,it worked ok in windows 7 but gone in windows 10,

anyone had the same problem how to fix this,


ok got it working now followed this link/A?kvg.com optical drives said it was for windows 8 but worked for me on windows 10

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Read the title - and before reading your post, I thought "Upper and Lower filters" - I know this was an issue with 7, and some times 8, but it's the first I have seen with 10...


it seems it's only a certain make of drive where this happens... it's very odd, would have thought they would have fixed it for 10! :)

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i googled it first,and it seems alot of people was having trouble with c/d drives from windows 10, updated a laptop so i thought i must check this also but that was ok and c/ working, as you say may be a certain make of drives were this happens,

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