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Drone flying around manor park..

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Drone lost........... I were flying it on a field behind manor park crescent and it took off with the wind. I turned the throttle off straight away so it has to be around the manor park area. It were today (Saturday) at around 6:30pm. It had a camera attached which is yellow in colour. The drone is a Walkera qrx 350 pro, white and about a square foot.


It'll more than likely be in pieces unless it's landed in a tree or in some bushes. I wouldn't normally fly it around residential areas... I only planned on quickly showing it a friend. Even if it isn't fixable and it ends up in the bin It'd just be nice to know that it hasn't landed in a road, or caused any damages to anyone's property.


Cash reward for anyone that finds it. Whether it's working or in pieces.


Thanks in advance!

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CAA rules ban from flying in built up areas. Within quite short distances of buildings.



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And rightly so. These monstrosities fitted with cameras are a disgusting intrusion on privacy.

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