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Mansel School - opinions, experience

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Had the letter through about applying for a school place for my eldest. He currently goes to Mansel nursery. As Mansel is our nearest school it is likely he will go there. I'm looking for peoples experience of the school. The other schools in the area are Monteney and Ecclesfield but they are both over subscribed so chances are he wouldn't get in but opinions of these schools welcome. I think the next nearest school is Meynell after those two.

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Our catchment school should be Mansel. We had heard mixed things so rang and asked if we could have a tour of the school to get a feel for it. They refused (I understand they are busy but this is our 1st child attending school) They said if we applied and got a place then they would let us have a look around.


This put us right off. We went to look at Monteney and Grenoside and opted for Grenoside. Really pleased we did. Our son loves it. They school has a really nice atmosphere and he has made some lovely friends and settled straight in. Both Monteney and Grenoside were happy to do tours.


I think it was Maynell that a friend used to do a pick up from. She more than once had to navigate around a set of parents smoking weed on the street outside the school.

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Thanks for the reply.


I'm going to ask to see Grenoside. Just looked at stats for Monteney and last year they were more oversubscribed than Ecclesfield. Don't think we stand much of a chance. The document I found also gives furthest distance way from the school that a pupil got in last year. We're really on the cusp.


I used to go to Grenoside Primary but that was way before they had the new building built.


Meynell doesn't sound too good.

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