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Parking on Broken yellow lines/ wrong ticket issued

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I've recently been issued a parking penalty for parking on what was genuinely not known to be a yellow line as it was beyond any reasonable state of repair.


When I returned I was issued a ticket and the penalty stated parking in a time controlled zone which there is none in operation what's so ever on the top end of Granville Road however it's quite likely at the bottom near the colleges there is.


When I contented this I was then told it is due to the yellow lines and not the timed zone marked clearly on my ticket and surely a picture of me parked on badly and broken in over 70% of the total line and now told my penalty is for this and is still being upheld. And in the Dark this line had no chance of ever been seen as in my case.


Soooo.... 3 weeks later after them not receiving any feedback or fine payment guess what there is now a solid bright yellow newly painted line! Hiding there tracks however not only does there photo proof my point but I also had taken my own photos of the entire line..


Any advice or suggestions regarding the law here as citizens advise website gives reasons for a ticket to be invalid one of which says poor state of the line or a wrongly issued ticket which mine covered both but they still demand now £105 which increase by 50% each month but they can prey as they wont be seeing it, I pay road taxes for maintained roads and this certainly wasn't and I feel there using scare tactics with someone that doesn't scare so easily.

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If ever in Doubt in road markings or notices, always play safe even if you have to walk some distance to find a suitable place then you will have peace of mind when returning to your motor, remember its a waste of time arguing with a traffic warden, its a well known fact that the Wardens have a full frontal labotomy on leaving, One flew over the cuckoos nest Training school.:hihi:

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Hi, you should have received your NTO (Notice to owner) letter, you need to appeal again within 28 days of receiving the letter. This will then go to the independent parking adjudication service, you will start to receive communication from them. You need to appeal all the way if you think/know the ticket was issued incorrectly. The council (parking services) will always reject the appeal in the first instance, hoping you will just pay up, with threats the fine will increase e.t.c.


I have done this on 2 occasions, the date has been set for the appeal hearing, then a week before the council will drop the case. I cannot guarantee this, but if the hearing does go ahead, if gives you a chance to put your case forward, provide evidence e.t.c.


DO NOT be bullied into paying, parking services are ruthless and a disgusting company



Good luck.

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Oh, your pretty <REMOVED> then, you'll just have to pay it. DO NOT ignore it, after the fine reaches £105 and you do nothing, the debt will be referred to Marston's debt recovery who will arrive on your doorstep with a warrant demanding around 350 - 400 pounds, even if you refuse them entry, they can remove your vehicle (providing it is registered to you). They will not let up until they get the money, or goods to cover the costs !!

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write to the pcn dept (quoting PCN number) and request that your case go to independent tribunal. the 30 day period is not valid as you feel that you have not committed a penalty offence to begin with. you should then receive a response from the tribunal people. I heard nothing more from anyone after requesting a tribunal appeal. I knew I was wrongly penalised all along. almost half of tribunal appeals are upheld. the council's parking mafia rely on people not contesting dodgy tickets.

I understand they've raked in £500,000 from ticketing, but the damage to businesses whose customers are driven away is many times this amount.

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