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Intenational break, how many Sheffield club players called up?


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I don't like these breaks so early in the season but can see why they are needed.

Have we got many Sheffield club players away with their international teams?.


Ps I've just noticed my typo error I hope everyone can work out what it is meant to say.

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on a side note i looked at big daves wiki see if he would be involved in the Austrian team, looks a bit......complicated with him lol


He has played for the Austrian U-21 team, however on 10 September 2009 he made declarations to the media that he would not play for Austria, but rather for Albania as it is his dream to play for his own nation.[9] In addition, when he scored two goals against the Albanian U-21 side in a qualifier match, he refused to celebrate.[10] On that occasion he was wearing red-and-black boots to honor Albania.[11] Nuhiu later on 18 November 2010 declared to the media that the problem with playing for Albania is citizenship, as he has Austrian citizenship and to receive Albanian citizenship he must give it up, as Austria doesn't permit dual citizenship.[1]


Media reported that he was called by the coach of Albania, Gianni de Biasi, for the friendly match against Armenia, on 14 August,[12] but De Biasi did not include him in the final call up. However, in 20 August 2013 media reported that Nuhiu has started the procedures to get an Albanian passport in order to be able to represent the senior Albania national team in the future.[13]


In an interview in April 2014 Nuhiu declared that it is his only intention to play for the Austrian team, although he admitted that he had been in talks with other associations previously.[14]


On 19 September 2014 Nuhiu returned declaring that he would play for his original birth-place country Kosovo when it will be fully recognised by UEFA and FIFA

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