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Favourites listing in Chrome, keeps randomising??


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I generally use Chrome as my web browser.


Just lately, after I added a link to my favourites for Saga Insurance, my favourites listing keeps jumbling up the list. I knew where to find all the stuff I regularly use, but now I have to hunt for them, cos they could be anywhere in the list.


It seemed to happen after adding the Saga link, which promptly duplicated itself about six or seven times, and I eventually had to get rid of it. (all of the Saga links)


But it still randomises. As soon as I've rearranged them into some sort of order, next time I access the list, it's randomised again!....It's driving me crackers.


Has anyone come across this phenomenon? Know how to stop it doing this?


I'm running Win10.

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I'm still having this issue, both at home on my laptop and at work on the desktop PC. They're both running 'chrome' and the favourites 'issue' as above, if anything seems to be getting worse. The favourites folders (of which there are several now, due to them randomly duplicating and self deleting, seems to be getting worse.


It's only started happening since I installed Win 10, and I can't figure out for the life of me, why or how it's doing it! Am I the only person on the planet with this particular gremlin?...HELP!!!!!!....Any ideas?

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