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Earth Overshoot Day

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I read something in the Independant a few weeks back on the tube,that caused much debate ever since i read it.

The Global Footprint Network calculates when humanity has used up ALL the earths natural resources during a year,not sure how but this is their claim,it seems ever since 1970,we have gone into negativity,year on year,and this year we reached the cieling by August 13.It gets a little earlier each year,as it would with the size of a growing population.

Ive never heard of this before,has anyone else?



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Humanity has already used up 100 per cent of the resources produced by the Earth this year


So we're talking things like food, wood, cotton etc.?


Though how they manage to work carbon emissions into it I don't know.


Surely if we've already used up this year's resources, we'll starve for the rest of the year?


Sustainability requires that everyone live well, within the means of one planet. This can only be achieved by keeping our Ecological Footprint within our planet’s resource budget.


So either we all live a simpler life in mud huts or we start getting rid of a surplus billion or two.


I know which gets my vote.

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