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Amie Murphy rumoured to be off to Brighton


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Without meaning to sound like I'm having a dig,if this turns out to be true ,why do blades fans still insist your prince has got ambition and will provide the necessary funds for a promotion push ,this tells me he doesn't.


Totally agree Gazza, Murphy is one of our best players and to sell him now is a huge mistake. Hearing that he doesn't want to go either...

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This is now on SSN by the way so it looks like it carries some weight.


Jamie Murphy when on his game is one of the best players in that league however the reason he has been playing for Sheffield United rather than higher up the leagues is his lack of consistency. You could compare him to Antonio at Wednesday in the respect that he had obvious talent and so does Murphy however you only really see this talent in peaks and waves. It doesn't help that every club in the league knew what Murphy was about last season and he was double man marked most games.


Selling Murphy would only be a huge mistake if the £2m from the sale didn't become available to inject directly back into the team. That sort of money could bring in 2 or 3 extremely good players all things said and done. If we sold Murphy and brought in a another great CB, a full back and a like for like Midfielder then so be it.


Players have prices and Murphy is a decent player but he can be replaced.

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Understand what you are saying greenman,but why sell to bring in players ,surely you aren't abusing the FFP rules


Adkins hit the nail on the head in his q&a session at the lane.


In order to achieve promotion at any level you need a group of consistently performing players. Jamie murphy is great on his day however what use is a great player if you only get the best out of him every 3 in 10 games? If you can cash in for a tasty £2m that can pay for a few very decent and consistent players at this level.


In regards to ffp, billy won't have come cheap wages wise and we don't wage a wage bill like you guys get. Adkins has never lied to us from day one, he said we would have to cut our cloth according until we get out of this league. Even if you have the money the rules don't allow you to just go splashing it about.


This move if it happens could be a very shrewd one.

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If you have Sharp and Salmon, do you really need Murphy too?


If not, this is a shrewd bit of business that should help you to strengthen other areas.

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