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You can play it again!

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Follow this:

- You have a partner … nothing strange there, is there?

- You may have kids …. normal I guess

- you work somewhere called X .. your future depends on the Boss B … nothing odd so far

- the children go to school S .. they seem happy and you are pretty satisfied … the head teacher HD is an ok guy … nothing unusual


- Have you thought about if your partner is in fact a communist?

- or if your Boss B is actually an atheist?

- or if the head teacher HD is seriously from a working class background?


What I am trying to say is the observation that when it comes to the daily issues that matter to everyone of us, we don’t really care beyond what we consider important and paramount ….. side issues become irrelevant with no effect to our decision making process

… if this is the case then why do we bother ourselves with points and labels such as - and there are hundreds - he is liberal .. no, very religious .. a unionist ..

Who c a r e s

What is the point? Why are you bringing to important issues something irrelevant ... actually a distraction

why don't you focus a bit?

Please explain

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Not worth the discussion sir, as I see it.

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Actually I had a great day today!

I had a meeting with someone who might become so useful ….., I am self-employed and it is in my blood that my eyes and ears are always open for something new to explore … that meeting which actually came by accident went so well that a number of serious emails have already been sent to different parts of the jigsaw … I am happy today and consider myself extremely lucky … 80% luck, 20 % effort.


Plus another interesting lesson I learned.

2 weeks ago I got these 2 potential clients … both asked and requested something that I considered odd and impractical … but they asked and deserved being treated as good customers …, and so I did.

But soon after they individually and separately realised the way they placed their orders exposed their weakness, which was: they did not do their homework before placing their orders.


After some initial struggle, all went better than good !

One I am certain would unlikely contact me again … the other is more relaxed about his error and could become a regular customer

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Has to be a wind up. LOL

Errm, ... .... if not, Come into the back room. (I'll give you some pointers on which lessons are worthy of the studying.)

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