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Help! Water springing out from between the bricks!

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Hello, first time poster here, but in need of some advice.

I live in Beauchief, and 5 years ago we had an extension built at the back of the house. This winter clear water started springing out from the lowest point of this brickwork. It came out continuously over winter and spring and dried up at the start of summer. It reappears a short time after rain and persists for a few days.

The water board said, no leak.

It very much appears to be groundwater under the extension making it's way through the mortar, maybe a natural spring, or old stream course.


My question is, who are the experts to ask to investigate? Environmental health? Private drainage contractors?...


I don't want to ask the wrong tradesmen round, and get a botch job. I really want someone to identify for sure what the source is and then investigate under the flooring to see if we've got a massive flood in the foundations and what can be done.

If anyone knows who I should contact please can you let me know?

Thanks all

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Around this end of town we have lots of springs. Many of the old houses in Woodseats were actually built on top of springs and have features built into their foundations to allow the water to flow though the cellar.


I imagine that the safest way to protect your new built extension would be to find the feed to the spring and divert it away from the house. There is a land drain in my back garden which protects the next door house in a similar way.

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My initial thoughts were some kind of surveyor. If you were selling the house for example, I would guess it would be the responsibility of the surveyor acting on behalf of the potential buyer to actually pick-up on the issue. At least a phone call to a surveyor will be a starting point, and they are likely to advise who you should be contacting if it is not within their remit.

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Janus - Apart from those surveys are not worth the paper that they are printed upon. the surveyor won't even lift a rug up to look at the floor (beyond the scope of this survey) so they are hardly likely to start digging big holes in the garden to look for springs.


The only way to get that sorted is to employ a builder with a mini digger.

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Get a builder to check out the fall pipes and drains from them they may need cleaning out.

I they are Ok then get a few bricks out of the extension where the flow is heaviest and someone may be able to see if there is an old well or spring that rises in wet weather.

Digger indeed ! are you looking for work?

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