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That's not a good example though as if you run your existing applications on Windows 10, their menu is unchanged.


I do agree that all this messing with the menus is frustrating and idiotic, but they have been doing that in things like Office for years regardless of which OS version you were running.


To my knowledge, keyboard shortcuts have not changed. At the OS level, they have added more while the old ones still work.


I hardly ever use Windows and the problems I hit with Windows 10 have either been temporary bugs or more technical things like messing with settings/control panel. The latter is something that 99% of Windows users will never use unless someone is guiding them, in which case its down to the person guiding them to know the changes.


I do think there is an element of half-assed changes in Windows 10, when it comes to settings/control panel. But pretty much everything else is a positive move. Certainly going from Windows 8 to 10 I see only improvements.

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