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Whats its name please

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its a garden plant in flower now,perrenial leaves like a iris but not as tall,the flower stems are on long straw like stems, with small yellow flowers as big as cotton buds for about 6 inches at the end of the stem,and its in flower now,any body any ideas?

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no i dont think so when the flowers are open it has a little face bit like a viola, ill have look at your suggestion on google thanks


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no not that ,the flowers are like a tiny cream colour when opengrows about 18 inches tall

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Sisyrichium striatum? Camassia? Eucomis? One of the vast number of Alliums? Difficult to tell indeed, but now I'm curious. If you can't get a picture up, how about answering some of these questions:


- How many petals does each flower have, and how are the petals arranged (eg 6 petals arranged 3 in front 3 behind)

- How are the flowers arranged on the stem? Does the flower stem point upwards or droop? Roughly how many flowers per stem?

- What colour are the leaves? (silver green, pale green etc).

- Iris leaves taper in width all the way up rather than ever widening then narrowing. Is this plant exactly like that? Do the leaves grow straight from the soil or from some sort of stem?

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im going to the garden with it in now so ill get leaf details etc thanks


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right its silver grey leaves pointed just like a iris 15inches tall, the flower stem is about the samethickness as a straw pale green, and the flowers are like stuck to the stem pale cream tiny 4 petal and they flowering about the last 6 inches at the top of the stem at spaces half inch apart going round the stem sorry cant take a photo of it.

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Well, I'm officially stumped. The structure of flowering plants tells you a lot about their ancestry, and helps you narrow down what it is, but this isn't helping.


The earliest and most basic division of flowering plants was into two groups, monocots and dicots. Monocots (less common) have leaves where the veins run down the leaves without branching. This means the only shape the leaves can be is tapered to a point like an iris, and if you hold a leaf up to the light you can sometimes see the veins running parallel. Except for rare accidents Monocots have flowers with threefold symmetry, usually three or six petals.


Dicots are a lot more common, and have a central vein in each leaf with smaller veins branching off. The leaves can be any shape and only very occasionally are straight like iris leaves. The flowers usually have 4 or 5 fold symmetry.


So...your plant has straight tapered leaves, which suggests a monocot. On the other hand, the flowers have four petals, which very strongly suggests a dicot. I can't think of anything which might even possibly fit the description. Unless...does the flower have three petals the same and one which is totally different?

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