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It looks as though wev'e cracked it.


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I skrimped and scraped to get my pennies together so as to afford my season ticket in the Grand Stand at Owlerton .

I was worried that I had dropped one until!!!!! John West walked through the door at the glorious parkland setting that is Hillsbro.


Then the goodies started flowing in . A couple of big telli's [not second hand:hihi:].

A new Deso [not fake as sugested by one on here;)]


And to top it all International and Continental players by the dozen are flowing through the doors filling our tent with happiness and optomision not seen since Big Jack, Big Ron and Tricky Trev [All famous World wide names that lot are].

So we now have Marinio's pal as manager and things are going through the stratosphere and my season ticket is worth double what I paid .

Here we go, here we go,here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So so Luke, I can't get out anymore so I have to put up with you lot on here.


Do you know that Potty has been on tonight for the first time for ages,it's good to see her posting again.


Pete emailed me last week and is in need of a cheer up if you get the time to write to him mate.


Always good to speak to you ... Cheers.

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