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Landlords..Carbon Monoxide alarms..

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Just a quick reminder for landlords and tenants of private rented properties (no, I don't want the job :) ). The new legislation regarding carbon monoxide alarms comes into force in October.






It also includes smoke alarms on all floors, more details here= https://www.gov.uk/government/news/tenants-safer-under-new-government-measures


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We do this already as a landlord smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and Carbon monoxide alarms plus a yearly gas check, I don't see why funds are being allocated from the public purse to fund private landlords for free equipment.


I like to see more enforcement, I know local tenants that haven't had a boiler serviced in over 3 years but won't challenge their landlord because of fear of eviction, sadly that owner and his family have over 30 properties locally.

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We have been fitting ones with 10 year sealed battery, I think it's a great investment both fire and carbon monoxide alarms, for any home.


I wish we'd known about sealed units! The dear (ex) partner of our tenant removed all batteries from both carbon monoxide alarms (4) and smoke alarms (2)!! Goodness only knows why he did that because he also put his childs life at risk!! He also disabled the CCTV unit.............but he is and was a total screwball and control freak and mental abuser so I suppose the answers are all there.


Anyhow, besides the alarms that we installed we also had a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen with full instructions attached. We made our tenant fully aware of these precautions and also how to use them should it be necessary.


I think it's vitally important for every landlord to supply these alarms but I would also advise a monthly check to make sure they are working because you can't rely on your tenants doing this....as we found out!! Some people will steal batteries for their own stupid purposes and place lives at risk as a result.


I haven't read the new legislation because we are actually renovating for sale now. I don't want any more tenants!! We tried to supply a safe and secure environment for our tenant and it was totally abused so that's it now! I'm just glad that we didn't have a mortgage on the property.

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