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Wednesday's brow raising signing is?


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Gary Hooper by the sound of it?


Had a read of three Sunday newspapers this and they all say that Hooper is the Owls number 1 target and that they are willing to come very close to the £6m asking price for the player.


I will put it out there and say that I take my hat off to Wednesday if they do sign Hooper. I am a big fan of the player (might not be as much of a fan after you sign him like :hihi:). He is a very tidy finisher and the type of player that a club with it's eyes on promotion should be signing. This would be eyebrow raising and it would be a statement of intent, nobody can knock it.

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I'm pretty sure we will be bringing in a quality striker ,just can't imagine the club saying it will be announced on Monday ,they have proved that's not the way they do businesses, but they are two great names as possibilys ,this commitee /coach has already impressed me .

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yep.just read it myself although it does say on a season long loan.Another loanee!!!!!


I dont have such a problem with season long loans, it's when they are constantly short term loans so the players barely get to know each other. So I've no problem if it is

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