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Stereogram Repairers in Sheffield

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do you literally mean a Stereogram (as in the old, large, stand up radio/vinyl combo thing on legs)

Yes! Turntable won't move!

If it's been stood a while (maybe in the sun?), and it's a belt driven turntable it could be that the belt (rubber?) has melted and got stuck to the drive.


It should be released easily enough by carefully turning the belt by hand from underneath.


Or the belt could have stretched or perished through age of course.


Have you tried to open it up to have a look?

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It's not clear whether the platter (turntable) can't be turned by hand or it's not revolving when its switched to "on".


Turntables of this age (if its pre-1970) are rarely belt driven, they usually have an idler wheel drive on the inside rim. If the mat is lifted, there is usually a circlip on the spindle and if this is removed the platter can be lifted then the idler drive can be checked if it's free or not and the whether the motor is functioning.

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