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3 Series BMW Brake Pipe Replacement

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Just wondering if anyone knew how much it would cost to replace rear metal brake pipes on an E46. Failed MOT so need doing however i'm reading scary prices on the internet.

Called a couple of garages but they wont give me price without looking at it first.

Just wanted a ball park figure so there's not nasty surprises.

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You can't get a decent ballpark figure as they need to look at it to asses what needs doing.


It might be just the pipe thats rotten, but as is often the case that rotten pipe is rusted onto the next manky pipe so you end up replacing a few bits as they just won't come apart.

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Don't know about the 3 series but on the 5 series E46 I'm sure the brake pipes go up and over the petrol tank. if the 3 series is the same then I can't see it being a cheap job.

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